liz at the bull 2012-11-06 photoOriginally from Milton Keynes but now based in the Cayman Islands, singer-songwriter Liz Wyatt plays dark, melodious acoustic-pop. She has played gigs in Milton Keynes, Lancaster, Colchester, London and New York. She currently plays solo and can be found with a cocktail in one hand and guitar in the other. She has released two EP’s, one with her old band members and one solo, the latter of which is available via facebook or bandcamp. With references to Tom McRae, Radiohead and comparisons to Sheryl Crowe and Kathryn Williams to name a few, her music is at once reflective, optimistic, yet at times melancholic. Liz Wyatt loves to play live and frequents various open mic events, whenever and wherever she can.

She is currently working on her new EP and enjoying island life.

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